The Rewards of Employment at NECC

Dedication and enthusiasm are just two of the qualities it takes to launch a successful career at NECC. The challenges are many - but for those who are ready to face them, NECC offers a future with unparalleled potential. Our teachers, clinicians, aides, and administrators are the "best of the best," and working at NECC puts them at the top tier of their chosen profession.

Staff members engage in ongoing professional development through the acquisition of continuing education credits and participation in workshops, advanced accreditation and certification programs. NECC provides regular in-services with guest speakers who are selected on the basis of their expertise in particular educational or clinical areas relevant to student needs.

Each and every employee at NECC can attest to the continued challenges they face each and every day as they work with the students -- your skills never stop developing.

As you continue to evolve professionally, many opportunities become available for advancement within NECC. Two thirds of our current administrative positions are occupied by individuals who began with us as teachers.

Who Works at NECC???

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Reaching Out

Find out how we hire "the best of the best" by looking at our workplace diversity and international recruitment.